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Season's Greetings


Christmas Hunt

by Linda Wagner


It was the night before Christmas

And all through the house,

Two shadowy figures were running

After a mouse.




The mouse looked around

And to his dismay

The shadows took shape

In the form of two greys!



He looked to the left

And then to the right,

Saw a huge sanctuary

That glowed in colorful light.





He ran to get under

The beautiful sight

And hid between boxes

Stacked in varying heights.


The greys were undaunted

By the boughs of the tree,

Or the pretty boxes

That blocked them from glee!






Forward they ran,

Knocking the boxes asunder

Into the tree they collided

With a sound almost like thunder!





Surprise was the winner.

The mouse, he was gone! 

But for the two greyhounds

Their running was done.

They knew they were trapped,

Voiced small yips of dismay,

Sniffed through the wreckage

And found a candy display.

Christmas morn they were found,

Bellies extended and taking a nap,

Snuggled under the tree

Wearing bulbs and gift wrap!